Hotel Design with Feng Shui

In summer 2019 we were invited to pitch for the Spa at Royal Mint Gardens. At one of the later decision meetings we were introduced to the development manager and we discussed the overall project, yet to be built, and mentioned how Feng Shui was important to the Malaysian Developers. As we talked more, he asked us to look at the main building reception, and how we could improve on this.

As designers we have to look at many briefs with specific influences, but with a personal background and eastern training in Feng Shui design, it was an easy adaptation for us. 

The reception was for the apartments and with architects plans only to work to, we set about planning the space. Choosing furnishings was easy but had to be in particular shapes. Structurally it required certain colours in the fabrics, elements such as wood or metal, and these needed to link decoratively with the whole scheme. Being public spaces it was important that all FF& E met fire Health and safety regulations. Gilly and the team sourced these materials and finishes based on the criteria of Feng Shui, and we produced a concept that satisfied all the nuances of the brief, its location, entrance direction, age of construction and the surrounding landscape. I can’t possibly go into the detail that influenced this design, but with the Chinese New year this Month, wanted to share our project with you.