Hotel Room of the Future – Independent Hotel Show 2018

The room was designed as a stand at the Independent Hotel Show in 2018, and is aimed at being the Hotel Room of the near future, rather than years in the future, as we utilised the current and upcoming technologies that could be used in the hotels that are being updated or designed within the next 10 years. the room we built could be installed much quicker than regular rooms, bringing a return on investment much more quickly. For example, a hotel room bathroom typically takes three weeks to fit out but with the new Corian system for bathrooms, the down time is considerably less, bringing this down to days rather than weeks. I explained that, although we had a pretty stunning bath, the room could still be a shower room as the system is totally waterproof. Corian is also easily cleaned and maintained, and easily repaired should any damage occur (which is why it is often the go-to material for kitchen worktops and surfaces).

Technology for Hotel Rooms of the Future

The technology is very simple – the last thing people want are lights that they cannot turn off and tech that they cannot understand.

The tech wall can be made off-site with all the tech ready to hook up with the cables once in position. Hoteliers do not like anything that requires ceiling work and these cables can easily be installed beneath the flooring. The integral lights work to give a layered look to the lighting, together with the LED strip and pelmet at the top of the walls. There is a pad integrated into the media wall which is very easy to operate, with the potential to use this system to order room service, or a book table in the restaurant; should you wish to watch your own content on the TV, this would also be possible, through your own accounts on services such as Netflix, Amazon Movies and even use the surround sound to listen to your Spotify playlist.

 What about access for disability, and how hotel rooms should future-proof in this regard?

Rooms can easily be adapted and don’t need to look like a ‘disabled’ room. Hoteliers should make sure that there is provision and that they consult with an expert to assist in creating a room that works for all requirements and needs, from access for those using wheelchairs, to braille on the lights and on the pad integrated on the media wall.


As you can see, the ways in which technologies are changing will help to create rooms which guests can feel not only at home in, but also will help hoteliers to increase their return on investment when building or refurbishing their hotels. If you would like any further information about the installation, the products we used, or have a project in which you would like assistance to design a similar hotel room, please do get in touch.

View the renders: