Outpatient Department Redesign

Koubou Interiors were commissioned to update the Outpatients Department in this large NHS hospital. The existing space was dark due to the lack of natural light and poor lighting generally. There were no windows in the waiting area and it was impossible to change the structure of the space, so we had to think of ways to bring the light in. Skylights were introduced above the doors to the consulting rooms. Architectural glass was installed in the skylights to bounce colour and light around in the waiting area. A wave effect was created in the design of the glass that ran down the department.

A wayfinding flooring design was done with two opposing vinyl flooring applications which together with the aluminium finish on the columns and reception desk bounced more light around in the space.

We designed the chairs to be comfortable in case of long waiting times by changing the height of the seat cushion and the rake of the chair back.

The colours chosen were to enhance the feeling of wellness and calm.