Pink is everywhere at the moment, following the release of the new BARBIE film, the highest-grossing film directed by a woman since records began … so we thought we would celebrate the colour PINK this month!

But let’s face it – PINK is not just PINK, it can be blush, rose, cerise, raspberry, salmon, baby, bubble-gum, fluorescent, coral, magenta and candy pink – to name but a few!

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Source: House Beautiful

Pink is so versatile it can be used as a neutral with a range of other colours. It looks great paired with charcoal, navy, chocolate, green and white, to really pack a punch use it with oranges and reds, it will look amazing. If you really want to go wild use different shades of this fabulous colour throughout the room!

Pinks from the lighter side of the spectrum, like blush pink, rose pink and salmon, are well known for their soothing effect, whilst those more vibrant shades – coral, fuchsia and – are far more stimulating, bear this in mind when decorating a room, think about what type of atmosphere or vibe do you want it to portray in this area of your home?

If floor-to-ceiling pink isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways you can incorporate this versatile shade into your decor without it looking too OTT. For an understated yet sophisticated look, try using pink as an accent colour or just use it on one stand-out piece of furniture in a room, like a dusky pink sofa as the focal point for the room. 

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Source: Mother Magazine

Who said a ceiling has to be white? If you’re looking to inject some wow factor into a lacklustre space, painting your ceiling is the perfect way to make a bold style statement whilst simultaneously adding warmth to a room. Whether you opt for a soft, powder pink or an earthy terracotta tone, putting this versatile colour on your ceilings will instantly make your space feel cosy and it’s a great trick to add character to a period property.

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How about enjoying year-round summer inside your house, pink shades are great at introducing a sunshiny feel into your space.  Keep the look classic by teaming the coral with pale greens or matching blush pinks with gold metallic accents for a sophisticated, Art Deco-inspired look.

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As Barbie famously said, ‘Everyone has got a secret side’ (The Barbie Diaries, 2006) so remember this – if you have a family member who just doesn’t want to see pink anywhere, why not take a leaf out of her book and paint the interior of a wardrobe, airing cupboard, utility room or loo door pink – you’ll be wowed by the colour every time you open the door it will bring a smile to your face and it’ll be your secret…

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