We suggest spending money on the parts of the house that don’t move, like joinery, kitchens, carpets, and bathrooms.  These areas are the foundation of the house, not likely to be changed often and initially quite expensive.  Opting for a neutral colour for these more expensive items, will give you a timeless look and act as a backdrop for the more colourful furnishings and accessories you choose for the home.


Savings can be made on the things that move, that can be changed more often and more cheaply. This way you can keep up with the latest trends without breaking the bank!


Wall décor can transform a room relatively cheaply and easily with a different paint colour or even with self-adhesive wallpaper, great if you live in a rental property and want to inject some personality without losing your deposit!  If budget’s not an issue, then you could opt for a textured wall surface with a stone, leather, suede, or fabric finish.  If noise is an issue in particular room, perhaps one with tiled or wooden floors then choose from a great selection of acoustic wall coverings which come in a variety of colours and textures.


Remember you can always mix inexpensive, trendier items with investment pieces.  An expensive cashmere throw on an inexpensive chair can instantly make the chair feel more luxurious. 


Soft furnishings e.g., rugs, cushions, curtains etc. are a cost-effective way of adding pops of colour, texture, and fun to any room.  You can change the look and feel of a room depending on the season by swapping soft furnishing around.  Brighter, lighter linen and cotton fabrics in the summer changing to darker, heavier ones later in the year…think fur throws and lush textured cushions for the winter!  Adding a new armchair, lamp or side table can alter the way a room looks and doesn’t have to be expensive.  Another great tip is to reposition furniture in the room, if possible…it will feel like a whole new space!


Another way of changing the look and feel of a room is with accessories, plants, and pictures, which are easy to change, inexpensive and can also serve as great reminders of fun holidays, great people and special events.