Most of us are now in our homes for the greater part of the day due to the lockdown.

Once you have done the cleaning and those jobs that have been hanging around for years – what next?

DIY Tips – Where to Start During Lockdown

Make a list of what you’d love to update

Start by looking around your home, and I mean really look around your home. Most of the time we are too busy to really take in our surroundings, so really scrutinise every room, from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between. Make a list of everything that needs doing and in what order.


De-cluttering is a good start and gives a real sense of achievement when you see a de-cluttered room. Something that if we work and have families gets pushed down the to do list and never actually gets done. Once you have decluttered, then look at doing a really deep clean. Don’t forget the windows, radiators and paintwork, these often get ignored.

Smarten up the garden

Outside space is another thing to really concentrate on. This a really good time of year to get the garden looking nice. It is still too early to plant some bedding plants but tidying, weeding and cleaning patios are all good ways to revitalise the garden and again, tend to be jobs we put off when we are busy with our usual lives.

How about doing some decorating or DIY?

If you don’t have an Interior Designer, then where do you find inspiration? Instagram is the best app but Pinterest is also fine. The biggest headache we as Designers are facing in these challenging times is sourcing materials and supplies. Most furniture factories have closed and even getting hold of paint is becoming difficult. This doesn’t mean that we can’t do something.

Identify a task, see what you need to complete that task and work with what you have.

If you can’t get hold of materials, there is nothing to stop you planning the next project so that when the lockdown lifts you can set if off. At Koubou Interiors, we have put together some fact sheets on how to measure your space and produce a floor plan and elevations.

We are offering this to our clients in place of us completing a site survey.