In these difficult times, we may find ourselves with a lot of time on our hands. Businesses closing and workers being sent home is happening and is likely to get worse as the lockdown intensifies.

Having something to focus on is good in so many ways, so this is an ideal time to plan the Interior Architecture and Design project on your business or home for when we eventually come out of lockdown.

What people fail to recognise is that a fairly substantial project can take many months to successfully plan for. Then this is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

What happens if an Interior Design project is inadequately planned?

Money being spent on mistakes that didn’t need to happen is the what we see the most. ‘Making the decisions as we go along on site’ is not a good idea but is often said to clients by some builders. I think it puts a lot of pressure on clients to make a decision which is not necessarily the right one, therefore creating implications going forward.

If you haven’t got the correct information on the location of some very important elements such as kitchen appliances and lighting, then it is too late once the concrete and plaster has dried. Unless you want to pay to have the changes you now want, you are pretty much stuck with it. Doors opening onto showers, toilets and basins is another classic which if the design had been properly drawn out and the correct size of fittings specified, would never have happened.

We see a lot of residential clients that now have spaces that just don’t work but they didn’t realise that until it was actually built. They now come to us to put it right but if they had come to us at the beginning of the project, we could have designed these mistakes out.

Commercial clients are far more willing to embrace good design and recognise that if they get their space, be it a surgery, salon, restaurant or hotel right, then this will bring revenue to cover the cost of the outlay for that design. Clients will return to enjoy the space and the service they are offering. It gives the business owner the edge over a competitor who also has a great product and service, but the surroundings are noisy and not well designed.

We should want the same for our homes, we spend a lot of time in them, so surely, we should want somewhere which works, comfortable and easy to navigate with our taste and preferences to the fore.

That’s where a practice such as Koubou Interiors comes in. Yes, good design costs money but think of all the plusses the Designer brings to mitigate that cost. Great buying power with discounts that can be passed onto the client. Project Management skills so that you can go about your daily life and be safe in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of from the initial design to the final handover. Design mistakes ironed out, specification that is fit for purpose and won’t fall apart in a short amount of time.

Interior Design Solutions – Online Options

We are still working and with the help of computer programmes together with Zoom or Skype, we can communicate with potential clients in getting their projects ready and in the front of the queue for the time when the building can start again. A good idea when you consider everything in the pipeline will have to be completed first.