A space either in a bedroom or bathroom that is ‘spa like’ or relaxing. A few years ago it was enough to put a few candles around a bath and buy a bottle of expensive bubble bath! 

Not now – clients are well informed and well-travelled. A client of mine gave me her brief as follows; “I want a bedroom and en-suite to have the feel of a five star hotel suite.” Somewhere that herself and her husband could relax away from the rest of the house. So how do we achieve this, and what does  the client really want? 

Of course, the Interior Design is the first stage, getting the layout right within the space you have available. This requires managing expectations of course. When specifying a shower for instance, the possibilities are endless – wet room, flat tray, steam cubicle, wall finish (how about trying a panel system rather than tiles), shower head or heads, you may want to shower with a friend!

walk in showers for bathrooms

Image from Corian 2018 brochure of a walk-in shower.

Play with finishes – natural materials such as stone or wood mixed in with the sanitary ware gives an organic feel and is far easier on the eye than hard surfaces everywhere.  I personally think it is better to have adequate space for a really good showering area rather than trying to squeeze in a bath and shower if you don’t really have the space to do so.  

Lighting is the most important element in making a space really work. If a good design is badly lit, then it is no longer a good design. Have lighting on different circuits and levels, no light directly above the mirror, it won’t do anything to make you feel good about yourself!

Absolutely no clutter, make sure there is adequate storage and make sure you use it. 

Integrated AV with music and TVs re also being requested especially when the room has no focal point such as a picture window. This is an element that much be considered at inception because of the cabling involved. 

Lastly, treat yourself to some beautiful fluffy towels. 

bathroom designs