I have been a member of the BIID (British Institute of Interior Design) or the BIDA (British Interior Design Association) as it was then for over fifteen years. I was recruited by my tutor whilst training in Interior Design at the Regent Academy. The progression to full membership from Associate took over six years, which shows the Institute’s commitment to making sure it’s members have enough experience and expertise. The community and support over these years has been invaluable and I am proud to call myself REG. ID BIID (Registered Interior Designer, BIID).

The Institute is run by it’s members for it’s members with the help of the tremendous team in the BIID office and there are several ways to get involved.

My first volunteering excursion was to join the CPD supplier panel. The panel reviews the CPDs (Continuing Professional Development) from the Industry Partners before they are given the BIID seal of approval which then allows these CPDs to be offered to the community. I was then invited to sit on the CPD committee, this committee puts together the CPD programme for the members. Members have to complete twenty hours of CPD a year in a variety of different disciplines, making the programme interesting at the same time educational. The chair of this committee became available when the Chairman took over as President, and I was asked to take over the CPD committee. At the same time, I was asked to join the Council as CPD Director, a post I have thoroughly enjoyed for the last two years.

Alongside this, Koubou Interiors also became a BIID Practice in the last year, rather than the membership wholly with me. This reflects the commitment of our team to making sure we are working to the best practice possible.

And now onto the big announcement: in 2017, I was elected the next President Elect of the BIID working with the President, Charles Leon. I will officially take over as the next President of the BIID at the AGM on the 28th June. I hope to use this year to further progress the Institute and how it supports it’s members ensuring quality to our clients.

I so look forward to the year ahead, and if you have any questions about our membership, my new position, or wish to discuss a future project, I’d be delighted to hear from you.