Yes, of course it will cost you more – or will it? It is often the case that the overall project costs are reduced usually well in excess of fees.

Hiring a professional designer will save you money, but how?

Unless you have done a project before and have some experience, then you do not have a perception of how long things take to do and how much they cost, or should cost. Scheduling a project takes experience and skill. By not doing it correctly, you run the risk of having trades on site without anything to do because something hasn’t dried, or the goods have not arrived on site. When you consider that a tradesman costs, on average, £250 per day, you can see how easily the budget can spiral out of control.


When you look at a plan on paper, the designer can spot potential problems at concept stage. Some of the complaints I have heard are that the walls have to be rebuilt because the bathroom components do not fit; a window has to be moved; or a door rehung. All of this is extra money, so by having the designer on side and stopping these issues happening, you save money.

The designer also has accounts with suppliers which the general public cannot get access to. Most designers will share part of this discount with their clients, which can save very large amounts of money. Designers also know about materials that can give the same finish at a reduced cost than what is available on the open market, thanks to their knowledge and experience.

So, in conclusion – is hiring a designer going to cost you money? Yes, but what they save you will be more, and, don’t forget, they also save you from the strain of managing a whole project yourself! This in itself is worth even more.

If you are due to start a project, no matter the size, and you would like to get the advantages of using a professional Interior Architect, or Interior Designer, please do get in touch for a free initial consultation on your project.