We work with clients in many stages of their lives, and we have the privilege of working with many people who are upgrading their homes, and need the support of an expert to maximise the space of their home. However, the most rewarding projects we get to work on, are those in which a space needs to feel like a home, but is also accessible for a resident. Whether it’s wheelchair access, or a space in which an older family member can easily move around their residence, this is where our knowledge of interior architecture gets to be utilised.

For the families we have helped, a range of requirements are needed, and most of the time it is to ensure the family house still feels like a home, even if the spaces require larger doors, and mobility accessible spaces. The ways in which you can use a space, and transform rooms to enable a member of the family to feel the freedom of getting from room to room, are incredible, when you know how to work with space. This is often when a client comes to us, as a house can feel incredibly overwhelming, especially after a life-changing event has happened to someone they love.

An example of a recent client we helped, is this project, in which our client’s husband had been involved in a serious road accident. The budget available was small and we worked alongside this budget to help them keep their home accessible and functional for the whole family.

The projects we can help clients with, to help them create spaces which are accessible, and still homely, are truly special ones, as we can see the massive difference this can make on the whole family. The reason we do recommend using an expert, such as an interior architect, is that we can help to both save you time and money in the project as a whole, so all our clients can consider is the ideas we offer, and which ones suit their style preferences. We also can source and recommend the perfect suppliers, who can offer excellent prices thanks to our long-term relationships with them, as well as bespoke furniture creations, for spaces which need specialist materials or have tricky spaces to fill.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak about a project for a special needs adaptation, please do get in touch.