Wikipedia says that surface finishing is a range of industrial processes that alter the surface of a manufactured item to achieve a certain property. Couldn’t have said it better myself but it is so much more.

By using different finishes in a scheme, the finished result can be taken to a whole new level.

There are trade shows dedicated to surfaces now, it is akin to entering a candy store, what next new innovation will we find?

If you are going to spend money on iconic surfaces, especially ones that have texture the appropriate lighting is a must, lighting the surface is as important as the surface itself. It isn’t just carpets, tiles and wallpaper anymore, science and innovation has brought us so much more.


Natural stone has been around from the beginning of time and if you can afford it is still the pinnacle for the floor and are very hardy and practice. One thing that is important is to keep the grout clean as dirty grout can make everything else look dirty and ruin the overall effect. Wood flooring is beautiful and has the feeling of bringing nature into the house, engineered wood flooring is cheaper and is a very good alternative, always buy the best you can afford. Bamboo is becoming popular, it is very hard wearing but is difficult to cut for installation so make sure your cutter is man enough for the job. How about considering something  completely different such as a poured resin or concrete floor, you can have a variety of colours or match to a RAL colour for a totally bespoke floor.

Both finishes are available in matt or shiny and you do need to check your sub floor to make sure it will accept this application. Carpet and rugs are still popular  but specifying the correct carpet for the area is crucial. A loop carpet is more hard wearing on stairs and will look nice for longer than a cut pile carpet, as this can flatten on the centre of the treads over time.

Image courtesyof Resin Flooring UK


Concrete Flooring image courtesy of Dadka.net



There are so many different types of paint on the market now and paint can be used in a variety of different areas which would not have been possible a few  years ago. If you had needed to wash something off the wall after any ‘accident’ the paint would have come off as well! There is paint now that once painted on  the surface can be used as a chalk board or white board. This approach is perfect for children’s rooms or restaurants or coffee shops.

There are so many different wallcoverings and wallpapers now that choosing something can be really difficult. For hard wearing areas pick something that is a  printed vinyl, this type of wallcovering is good for bathrooms as well as it is not affected adversely by damp. Panelling has become very popular now especially in bathrooms as people are coming away from tiles as the only choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Panelling can be made in a variety of materials even in fabric which is fantastic for sound proofing.

Painted Bath image courtesy of Farrow and Ball


Wipeable wall surface image courtesy of Muraspec Wallcoverings

Image courtesy of Koubou Interiors

Acoustic fabric wall panels image courtesy of Architonic

In the next blog I will cover surfaces for the kitchen and decorative walling such as glass and polished plaster.