A better outcome for their clients and projects that are delivered to the highest standards with cutting edge design.

When Gilly Craft and Mustafa Erdem met, they recognised that they could find the best way of combining their different skills and achieve a better outcome for their clients, and could really enjoy the process along the way.

They are both looking forward to 2019 and expanding this working collaboration further.

Gilly has been an Interior Designer since 2002 and started Koubou Interiors in 2004. Her studio is in Berkshire where she and her team of designers have been delivering award winning Interior Architecture and Design projects across the UK since. She has sat on various committees at the BIID (British Institute of Interior Design) and was the CPD Director before becoming the President of the BIID in 2018. The expertise of the practice ranges from Hospitality, Healthcare and residential design. Gilly and her designers are also experts in designing for special needs and dementia care and Gilly delivers many lectures and talks on the subject.

Mustafa is a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) with many years of experience in the design of Education, Community, Residential buildings, and Urban design. His West-London based practice, E&E Architects International Ltd, has established a track record of innovative design across a broad range of projects in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

The E&E Architects team has the knowledge and the commitment to designing buildings in a more sustainable way. They know that by integrating ecological building principles into a project from the onset, buildings can benefit in many ways.

Architects and Interior Designers, when they understand each other and work together in a collaborative way, are able to deliver truly innovative projects. Their skills although different in many ways are also symbiotic and when explored in this way can produce the outstanding.

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