Property Developers

Koubou has worked with a number of small property developers to give their developments a higher specification and design. This attracts more potential buyers and the ability to gain higher revenue. Koubou can review the existing layout and offer advice as to a more cohesive and pleasing layout, together with help on specifying materials. Good design in kitchens and bathrooms attract buyers and Koubou can help the developer attain a high finish in these areas.

We offer space planning, design, specification, and supply, with the developer having the opportunity to choose any service that will offer added value.

We love working with people just like you to help you attract the buyers you need.

Original Proposed Design

Koubou’s Design

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If you are looking for assistance with an upcoming project, whether residential, medical, or commercial, please do get in touch with us to arrange a consultation with our team, to see how we can assist you.