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How to light your kitchen – Guest Post

Kitchen lighting has the power to turn your kitchen into something truly special. To do this, you will first need to understand how to properly light your kitchen, the different types of lights and how to control them. This guide can show you how to do all these...

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How to light your bathroom – Guest Post

In this article, Gilly was asked to share her thoughts on the various ways one can light and update their bathroom to suit their needs and style. This article has a variety of different experts sharing their advice on a number of questions, which you can view, here.

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Bette Factory Trip April 2019

Bette Factory Trip April 2019 I have just returned from a very educational and informative trip to the Bette Factory outside Dusseldorf in Germany.                                                      Together with other BIID members, I was invited by Bette to visit...

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Creating a Dementia Friendly Environment

Creating Dementia Friendly EnvironmentsIn this article in Wokingham & Bracknell Lifestyle magazine, Gilly shares tips on how to create an environment which is dementia-friendly, including the flooring and furniture choices you may make, to help a space feel more...

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