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London Design Week 2019

London Design Week was hosted last week, 11-15th March, and I was delighted to have been asked to speak alongside chair of the BIID CPD committee Claire Tull on why keeping up with the latest developments is so important to design professionals. We shared...

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10 Things to Consider When Choosing an Interior Designer

I was delighted to have been asked to share my advice with KKBArk on the 10 things to consider when choosing an interior designer, to help you make an informed decision and feel comfortable with who you choose to help you with your interior design project. You can...

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How to make an open plan space more practical

In this guest article I was asked to share my opinion, alongside other interior designers, on how to make an open-plan space more practical in your home, by using key features, breaking up the space, and using zoning techniques. You can read the article here -...

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Designing for Dementia and an ageing population

We are all getting older! A very obvious sentence especially as the only thing that is certain is ‘death and taxes’. However, we are living longer and generally we are fitter for longer however, there are still things that become harder as the body ages. Happily, gone...

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What does the Hotel Room of the Future look like?

I was asked to speak at the Independent Hotel Show in September, as a part of showcasing The Hotel Room of the Future stand that myself and Nick Sunderland designed for our sister company, 2’s Company InteriorDesign. The room is aimed at being the Hotel Room of the...

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