Private Practice and Private Hospital Interiors

How we help Private Practices and Hospitals with their interiors: 

    Clients are now very discerning; more people are paying for cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic enhancements. The drive as we work longer to look good, younger and more ‘polished’ has never been more in demand from clients from all walks of life.

    First impressions are everything, a well designed and comfortable practice is where clients will naturally go. Would you want a practitioner who has an untidy, badly designed and lit practice to work on your appearance?

    No, of course not, you would want a practitioner who has an eye for good design and understands how to achieve that.

    I would not think of doing my own teeth or giving myself a face lift, so going to a design expert to design your practice makes sense. You are bringing in an expert in their field, as you are in yours.

    There are only a few Interior Designers who understand clinical needs and CQC requirements. It is possible to create a really stunning design using the correct materials and to the legislation required. This requires knowledge of what is available and what is fit for purpose.

     What makes us different: 


    Koubou Interiors has over fifteen years of expertise in this field. We have worked on NHS and private hospital projects, special needs projects and are currently working with an Orthodontic practice in the design and build of his new private practice and the refurbishment of the NHS one. This is the second Orthodondist we have worked for.  This particular sector is recognising that a ‘prescriptive’ design so often offered by fit out companies is now not enough to have that edge and make your practice stand out. There has been research out there for some time that tells us an environment that is calming and well-designed helps with the attitude and thinking of patients/clients. From having a calming influence to upselling, this all adds to a successful and profitable practice. 


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    If you are looking for assistance with an upcoming project, whether residential, medical, or commercial, please do get in touch with us to arrange a consultation with our team, to see how we can assist you.