Care Homes

How we help Care Homes

When designing for an ageing population, several factors need to be taken into consideration; From Dementia to diminishing cognitive ability, the needs can be large and varied.

We are living longer and keeping fitter for longer, so Care Homes need to understand this and offer interiors that are well designed, fit for purpose and have the facilities that this sector demand and therefore expect.

This is a growing sector and should be given the time and expertise.

 What makes us different: 

Koubou Interiors has extensive knowledge in this sector, from the need to use colour, pattern and light reflective values properly, to understanding the varied needs of the clients in this sector. This does not mean that Care Homes and Retirement Villages have to be places that good taste and design forgot, in fact this is a sector where the clients are discerning and want quality. A lot of clients in this sector have budgets that are substantial and are willing to pay for an environment that meets their needs in every way.

Examples of our Work with Care Homes

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