Bette Factory Trip April 2019

I have just returned from a very educational and informative trip to the Bette Factory outside Dusseldorf in Germany.                                                     

Together with other BIID members, I was invited by Bette to visit the factory and review their CPD to oversee the educational content before being offered to the wider membership of the Institute.

Bette is a family run company, producing bathroom components from steel-titanium alloy enameled with purely natural materials since 1952.

After a very early flight from Heathrow, we were driven to the factory. Our factory tour started after we had been given lunch. The factory is mostly run by a sophisticated robot system. The baths, basins and shower trays are run around by over 8 kilometers of overhead rail, taking the products through the various stages. The steel is pressed into a variety of molds that are used time and time again. This means that if you wanted the same bath in twenty years’ time, you could! There is a QR code put onto every product which means that everything can be tracked back. The steel is then covered in acrylic. The finish can include anti-slip finishes and can be produced in a multitude of colours.

After a pleasant evening meal and an early night, we were back to the factory to see how Bette solves some of the problems that can be encountered in bathroom installation.

Steel baths and shower trays can carry noise very easily. Bette, as standard fit acoustic panels to all of their products.

We saw this demonstrated in the laboratory that they have on site.  Water was run onto two shower trays, one with the acoustic panels and one without.

We then went to the floor below to see how the sound carried. The shower tray with the acoustic panels rendered the shower silent, very important in a hotel or apartment.

Various corrosive materials were also put onto a shower tray, one was even set alight. Not a single mark could be seen, showing that these products are built to last.

Bette has thought a lot about fitting shower trays with a building with floor joists. To this end they produce an easybox system together with a very brilliantly designed waste, making installation as easy as possible. They will even supply a tile guide.

Training videos for fitters and a support service is available together with a service that is hard to beat.